Through our research, we discovered that microaggressive statements and actions allow hate speech and extremism to prosper. We pledge to think twice before we speak, act, or post.

What is a microaggression?

It is a subtle statement or action that discriminates against members of a marginalized group.

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Examples of microaggressions

“Are you here legally?”

“Yeah, but where are you actually from?”

“Your people must be smart.”

“I’m not racist, but…”

“You act/talk like a white person.”

Primary Research Findings


How do microaggressions relate to hate speech and extremism?

According to Dr. Derald Wing Sue, “microaggressions contribute to larger social issues because they reflect the active manifestation of oppressive worldviews that create, foster, and enforce marginalization.” The danger with microaggressions is that they are often invisible. We don’t always see when our actions and words are discriminatory. Whether you are assigning a character trait to an entire race or implying that someone is not American because of his or her physical appearance, you are reinforcing social division. This social division provides validation for extremists to make racist and hateful remarks toward others.


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